Incorporating Rhizome Floral Design

Weddings in Vanuatu - Port Vila & Espiritu Santo

as unique as you


The Flowers

Our award winning florist can create unique floral arrangements for your wedding day, bringing her expertise to your event with unique fresh

local flower bouquets & hair pieces, floral table decorations, magnificent free standing floral compositions, bamboo tee pees and stunning floral archways.

Having been established in Vanuatu since 2005, our floral design artist will ensure that your flowers will create lasting memories of your special day.


Tropical Flower Wedding Bouquets

While tropical flowers are quite resilient to the harsh weather conditions, they are seasonal. So the bouquets are always unique as not all flowers are available all of the time. Even the beautiful frangipanis - different colours bloom at different times of the year, so with this in mind, we do our best to give you what you ask for, but remind you that it may not be available at the time.  Please ask if you have special requests and we can discuss your possibilities prior. The tropical mix bouquets are all unique with a mix of beautiful tropicals - so is our most popular selection..

Floral Table Decorations

What better way to decorate your functions with stunning table centerpieces and free standing floral displays. These can be made to match your theme (of course depending on flower availability) and add to the atmosphere of your 'Island Wedding' or 'Tropical' theme. 

Floral Archways, Tee Pees & Trailing Flowers

What a beautiful way to share your vows, under a magnificent archway adorned with local topical flowers, or walk down the sandy beach passing between bamboo Tee Pees decorated in stunning floral arrangements or a trailing sheath of color flowing down a coconut tree trunk.

Gift Bouquets

Anniversary? Birthday? or just to say "I Love You? A beautiful bouquet of flowers is the ideal gift. Using local tropical flowers in season, a bouquet can be made to suit your budget

Floral Wreaths

Whether you need a floral wreath for Christmas decoration, the passing of a loved one or for a memorial service, we can compose the wreath to your requirements.