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NEW to my entertainment line up


FLK is the newest recording artist in the South Pacific.
If you are looking for something 'special' for your wedding entertainment, then he is your man! Not only can he sing cover songs but he has a selection of his own self written songs - all written from the heart from his own life experiences - Love, life & loss.. but also fun times .
His newly released single - 'In Your Arms' (From his newly released Debut Album "EMOTIONS") perfect for your wedding 'first dance'. Listen below
At the moment FLK is in high demand - so book early.
Please contact us if interested.
Price on asking as every event is different and needs to be priced accordingly.
In Your Arms - FLK from the EMOTIONS album

EMOTIONS album - available now! Click on photo to listen now...

Available for purchase through FLK's webstore here

The 2 songs that started it all....

This song is about relationships & their struggles, but if you face them together, you will get though them. We wrote this one after such an occurrence, and now, each step we take forward, together, our relationship becomes stronger. Be honest to each other & help each other through rough times. This song, too, is perfect for newly weds.
This song describes my first meeting with my one & only love - and now my wife. We were married in July 2018 after many thought it could not happen. We wrote this song together about how race color, age & culture do not come into play when you find your one true love. Follow your heart.

More songs from FLK here

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